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Since they were little, Cary has filled her daughters’ ears with an important truth that they’ve carried with them throughout their lives:

“You are worthy of love, You are worthy of support . . .”

Cary hasn’t stopped at words though—she has continued to show up again and again for her girls in ways that have brought her beautiful sentiment to life.

As a single mom, Cary has shouldered the weight of raising her daughter almost entirely on her own. Her younger daughter is Hannah, who is in college. Hannah lives with severe psoriasis as well as rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Lately, she’s been struggling with both again.

A few months ago, when Hannah was experiencing a frightening mental health crisis, Cary dropped everything and drove fourteen hours one way from Nashville to New York City to be with her daughter. 

Despite it being what she loved to do, Cary quit touring as a singer/songwriter after twelve years as soon as Hannah started struggling. She took a job with an airline with the hope that it would mean that she’d see her daughters more. Now Cary works at a grocery store, bringing in just enough income for absolute necessities. If there is any money left over, she sends it to her girls for groceries and essentials.

When she wrote to us, Cary was struggling herself: “I get very discouraged because it feels like I am the only supportive adult in [my daughters’] lives and I can’t always do what needs to be done when they need help.”

When we read Cary’s story, we wanted to wrap our arms around her and tell her the same thing she’s always told her girls: We see you, Cary. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of support.

Through Together Rising, you eased the immense weight on Cary’s shoulders by sending her a direct grant to catch her up on bills that had piled up while she was in between her jobs at the airline and grocery store.

Thank you for showing up for Cary just as she’s shown up for her girls. And if you take something from this story, let it be Cary’s words. Remember: You are worthy of love. You are worthy of support.