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4-Year-Old Ellie is Running on Her New Prosthetic Legs

EllieRemember our Ellie, the four-year-old Together Rising raised up in our last Love Flash Mob? Ellie is our Warrior Baby who was in 7 different homes before she found her forever home with her mom Miranda, Well….

Several months ago, Miranda wrote to Together Rising:

"A genetic disorder caused Ellie's legs to be amputated to her knees and her hands to look different, too. Every day she receives stares and questions from other kids, but her visible challenges are not all she faces. She is healing on the outside and the inside. We are healing together—and she inspires me to carry on every day. My wildest dream for Ellie is new legs. Ellie loves to run. All Ellie wants to do is run, but she is constantly left behind. I don’t want my warrior baby left behind. The legs are incredibly expensive, though, so it’s just out of the question. I can’t give my baby what she needs the most.”

Well… we did a little digging, asked some bold questions, and the amazing folks at the Hanger Clinic in Texas agreed to donate half the cost of the Ellie's prosthetics for us.

THEN — in a matter of hours during our last Love Flash Mob — YOU AMAZING PEOPLE came together to raise all the money we needed to get Ellie running.

SO WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE ELLIE HAS HER LEGS!!! And she chose a Tinkerbell design since the legs will make her FLY! Speed AND fashion sense, this one.

We did it. We got Ellie and Miranda rising by getting Ellie running.

And you know how our Ellie wanted nothing more than to RUN? WELL, GUESS WHO MADE RUNNERS WORLD MAGAZINE THIS MONTH!!!! Can you imagine her face when she sees herself alongside the fiercest runners in the world? She IS THE FIERCEST. 

The whole world loves Ellie and her Warrior Mama and her running legs that the incredible community of Together Rising bought for her. Thank you, Runners World and Girls on the Run International for telling Ellie and Miranda's brutiful story.

Wanna inspire the world? Get a little warrior rising!

Click here to watch Ellie's learning to run: 

Ellie learning to run

And click on an image link to see more of Ellie's story: Girls on the Run International People Magazine Runner's World