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FAQs for grants to organizations

How do I apply?

Click here to be taken to our application for organizations. 

Will I receive confirmation that my application was received?

Yes. Upon submission of your application, you will see a confirmation screen.

Will I be notified if my application is not being funded?

Applicants for direct grants are notified if their application is not being funded only if they specifically request notification.

How long does your review process take?

Our review process typically takes up to 4 weeks for organization grant applications. International applications may take longer to review.

Other than the online application, what are requirements for Together Rising’s application and review process?

For organizations requesting $25,000 or more, an interview is generally required.

Does Together Rising accept unsolicited applications?

Yes. We have an open application process and accept applications on a rolling basis. 

What types of organizations does Together Rising fund?

  1. Together Rising typically funds nonprofit organizations or NGOs. 
  2. Together Rising typically funds smaller organizations with annual budgets less than $10,000,000 and preferably less than $2,000,000.
  3. Organizations must have an online presence (website and/or social media).
  1. Together Rising typically funds organizations founded by the population served and with active participation by those served, as appropriate.
  2. Organizations must be well-established enough to demonstrate effectiveness in meeting their goals. 
    • The age the organization needs to be will vary depending on its mission but should generally be at least three years old.
    • Together Rising does not provide start-up costs.
    • We will provide funds for both existing programs and new programs in an established organization.
  3. Please see here for examples of recent organization grants. 

How much money may we request?

A typical grant size is $5,000 to $250,000, depending on organization budget, need, impact, alignment with funding priorities, etc.

Do you provide funds for administrative expenses or only for programmatic expenses?

Together Rising funds both programmatic expenses and administrative expenses. 

May international organizations apply?

Yes. Together Rising funds international organizations. Most international organizations we fund have a US-based fiscal sponsor, friend organization, or other non-profit entity through which we provide funding. However, we will provide direct funding to international NGOs. Please note that due to Together Rising’s rigorous diligence process and the limited public availability of financial information in many countries, we recommend international applicants provide as much supporting documentation (audited financial statements, letters of support, etc.) as possible.  Please also anticipate that the review process for international organization applications could take considerably longer.

What are your reporting requirements?

Upon notice of a grant being awarded, specific reporting requirements will be communicated. Reporting requirements will consist of a financial report and a narrative report with pictures and/or videos. 

May organizations apply for a grant renewal or a second grant?

We encourage you to reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss the possibility of a grant renewal or second grant. Please note that, outside of our Rapid Response funding,  Together Rising will not provide a grant to a specific organization more than once per year. 

Is there anything Together Rising will NOT fund?

  1. Together Rising does not provide grants to organizations whose sole or primary purpose is lobbying or advocacy work. Together Rising does not fund grants for lobbying activities. 
  2. Together Rising does not provide grants to organizations that discriminate based on faith tradition, identification with the LGBTQ2+ community, race or ethnicity, gender, disability, immigration status, or any other federally protected class.
    1. We recognize that many organizations limit participation based on their mission/population served.
  3. Together Rising will not fund an organization that requires participation in religious activities or that otherwise seek to convert individuals to their religious views.
  4. Together Rising does not provide grants for scientific research. 
  5. Together Rising does not provide small business grants to for-profit organizations.

How do applicants contact Together Rising with questions?

If you do not see the answer to your question here or on the application itself, please contact us at [email protected].