Continued care for pregnant women in Nepal during Covid

By Together Rising | June 9, 2021

What follows is the story of how all of us-through Together Rising-deployed $75,000 to our partner on the ground so pregnant women in Nepal could continue to receive life-saving support to deliver their babies safely during the pandemic. Before Covid, four out of every five pregnant women living in rural Nepal faced significant barriers to accessing maternal and newborn healthcare. Then the pandemic hit-and threatened to disrupt care for even more women. Credit: One Heart…


Together Rising celebrates the first day of Pride Month

By Together Rising | June 1, 2021

On this first day of Pride Month, we are sharing the story of how Beth and Angelica recovered after a car accident nearly took their lives—with this community’s help. Beth made the difficult decision to go back to school, with the goal of providing professional support to people with substance use disorder. Just weeks later, Angelica, her fiancée and the sole income earner for their family, abruptly lost her job due to COVID-19. Later that…


Erin’s thank you to us

By Together Rising | May 27, 2021

Please watch this video—it’s Erin’s thank you to us. Erin, a single mom to three-year-old Fitz, was diagnosed with triple negative, stage four breast cancer that had metastasized to her spine and liver. Her doctor offered her end-of-life care at 38. Lee, Righton, and Pamela, her colleagues and champions, found a promising new treatment but the cost was exorbitant, so they did everything physically possible to raise the funds needed. The Friday before Erin was…


$100,000 deployed to Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund

By Together Rising | May 21, 2021

In a barrage of airstrikes over the last two weeks, 65 children have been killed in Gaza and the West Bank. (USAT). In Israel, at least two children have been killed. (BBC) Many of the children who have survived have been severely injured as bombs decimated their homes and schools. They are in dire need of emergency medical care, yet six hospitals and nine primary care centers have been damaged by bombs. (UNOCHA) The hospitals…


449 oxygen concentrators are in transit to India

By Together Rising | May 11, 2021

Because of YOU, 449 oxygen concentrators are in transit to India! The surge in Covid cases has depleted India’s healthcare system of vital resources, leaving patients to die in parking lots waiting for oxygen. In response, we announced a $150,000.00 commitment for oxygen and urgent medical assistance. We then asked you to give if you could. Within 72 hours, you raised $164,854.10—more than doubling our initial commitment.  Your $314,854.10 was deployed to our long-time partner,…


100 girls and young women who have lost mothers provided mentors

By Together Rising | May 9, 2021

This Mother’s Day, we are thinking not only of those for whom this day brings joy, but also of those for whom this day is hard—including those who never had the mothers they needed, or who have lost mothers and maternal figures. Through Together Rising, you invested $20,000.00 in empowerHER, an organization that supports young women and girls who have lost their mothers by providing dedicated, caring mentors—women who have lived through the loss of…


$150,000 commitment for oxygen and urgent medical assistance for India

By Together Rising | April 27, 2021

There have been more COVID cases in India over the last week than anywhere else in the world. Yesterday marked another record global high for daily caseload—the fifth day in a row—amassing 352,991 new cases and 2,812 deaths.  The skyrocketing cases have collapsed the country’s healthcare system. Thousands of people are in desperate need of oxygen—and the needs are exponentially greater than the supply.   Critically ill patients have died in parking lots, waiting desperately for…


Erin is dreaming of years with Fitz again

By Together Rising | April 15, 2021

Remember earlier this year when Erin, a single mom to three-year-old, Fitz, was facing stage four triple negative breast cancer and was going to miss her one shot at treatment because she couldn’t afford to pay? We have an update for you. After the first round of treatment that you, through Together Rising, activated so rapidly to fund, Erin’s cancer has been reduced by 85%. Her bone scans? Clean. Twenty spots on her liver? Now…


You helped Ashley and her boys keep their home

By Together Rising | April 8, 2021

We are a community of people who believe in asking for help when we need it, and giving help when we can offer it—this hope for our work and our world is illustrated by Ashley’s story. A single mom of two, Ashley cared for her boys, ages four and seven, all on her own. In her words, “I have a 7 year old boy with autism and I have struggled the last few years in…


“Nobody ever asked me what I wanted for Christmas before.”

By Together Rising | March 31, 2021

When families living on the Pine Ridge Reservation shared their holiday wishes through our Holiday Hands program in November, you—this always-showing-up community—fulfilled every request in under four hours, for all 753 families. Our trusted partner on the ground, Jeri, shared these quotes from two community members—and said your gifts are having a wonderful impact on countless others in the community. Because of your gifts: Moms dress babies in thick clothes and tuck little ones under…