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Feel the Love

Hi All! Meet Audrey. Audrey’s neighbors call her “the mayor of Minneapolis” because she is constantly serving mamas and children. This is from her friend, Jessica:


“Each year, in between acting as a year-round clearing house for clothes and kids’ items, Audrey singlehandedly organizes a love-yourself-first Valentines’ day celebration, a school supplies drive, a toiletry drive for homeless neighbors, and a year-end housewarming drive for folks leaving shelters. She does this while she works and parents full-time, teaches bible-study classes, and attends classes for a University of Northwestern divinity degree. And although she is kind and gracious to all she meets, her love is especially fierce for single mamas. She knows that road because she walks it. But this year, she needs our help. Audrey’s 15-year-old son Isaiah has been an amputee since birth, and now after many attempts to correct it, his other foot must also be amputated. We’re hoping that Together Rising can give her and Isiah the cushion they need to take a deep breath, hold each other, and move forward.”


You stepped in — through your monthly recurring donations to Together Rising —and provided the funds that Audrey needed to make her baby’s transition back home after surgery comfortable. You helped install a ramp he needed and you helped pay for a special bed for Isaiah (it was important to Audrey that he did not spend his recovery in a hospital bed).


Most importantly, you made sure that Audrey feels the LOVE that she pours into the world flowing back to her and Isaiah. You made her feel seen – and held.


 If you’d like to join us to support the healing, uplifting work of Together Rising, please go to: