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Finding Her Power

b-350Nearly six years ago, while 5 months pregnant with her first child, Brita was diagnosed with aggressive stage 2 breast cancer. When conventional treatment failed, she turned to alternative therapy and was soon cancer free.  Two years ago, she found another lump. While trying to physically heal, she grew severely depressed, and it became clear to her that she had been focused on making everyone around her happy at the expense of her own needs.


Recognizing that she would die if she didn’t make some drastic changes, and that she wanted her own daughters to grow up to be strong and healthy women, Brita made the difficult decision to separate from her husband of eleven years and move home with her parents so she could figure out her next steps. Realizing that her relationship had been broken for a long time, she focused on her physical healing.


With a current diagnosis of stage 4, metastasized breast cancer, Brita writes “I am working with a therapist to figure out where I lost my power and how to love myself enough to start drawing healthy boundaries and regain my body’s trust so it knows I will never forsake it again. And I am working on being the kind of mom that shows her daughters that sometimes the right thing is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.”


As Brita is unable to work because of her physical condition, Together Rising has provided her with financial support to help give her the space to mentally and physically heal. She writes about the connection she felt with Love Warrior. “Glennon has been my constant source of pure delight and backbone when my life was void of both. I read her book and realized that my backbone was waiting for me. She showed me that it may get ugly and painful and utterly exhausting, but there would be a glimmer of true me peaking through, cheering me on. And so, with the faith that I am enough, I have ventured out on a limb.”


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