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Global Love Flash Mob – October 2015



Together Rising Global Love Flash Mob was held in October 2015. We raised $475,141 in 24 hours, with an average offering of $22, to provide funds to build a wing for the Heartline Maternity Center in Haiti. We lifted up warrior mamas and midwives in Haiti by supporting an organization dedicated to giving women the opportunity to give birth with dignity. In a matter of hours, our community came together to support the women of Heartline and fully fund this initiative. Because of the generosity that overflowed that day, we knew that we had an opportunity to do even more. We continued the Love Flash Mob and expanded it to include the work of a Heartline-affiliated midwife working with refugees in Berlin, Germany. Her group needed warm clothing and strollers to meet the many needs they were seeing. The Together Rising community responded by raising over $200,000 in aid for those refugees. Because of these gifts, Together Rising was able to make connections throughout Europe, and our community’s small offerings turned into life-giving and life-saving aid for thousands of families.