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The Priceless Gift of a Healthy Smile

Dental Work

Jessica wrote to Together Rising, asking for help for her sweet 8 year old daughter. She says, “I have been my daughter’s only parent her entire life.”

Between the noble work of single parenting, and her full-time job, we knew Jessica was burning the candle at both ends to make ends meet. For Jessica, her career in social work provided for her daughter’s needs until she got a troubling report from her daughter’s dentist. Her daughter would need over $3,000 in dental work to avoid frightening corrective jaw surgery later in childhood. You can imagine Jessica’s heartbreak to learn the necessary dental work was not covered, even in part, by Medicaid.

As Jessica poured over her budget to find the funds for this necessary procedure, she shared, “I work as a social worker full time, but the money is just not there. My “leftover” money totals less than $150/month, which has to cover both gas and groceries. I am SO BLESSED to have even that amount for the necessities.”

But it’s not enough. Not enough for this critical procedure, and not enough to save her daughter from a series of painful and threatening dentist visits in the future.

Monkees, this is where your generosity came in. Because of your gift, Jessica was able to give her daughter the priceless gift of a healthy, beautiful smile. Because of your gifts, Jessica was able to open her inbox one stressful afternoon and find that Together Rising could offer her financial assistance to cover the procedure. Because of you, Jessica breathed a much deserved sigh of relief and scheduled that appointment.