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Heather and Bre

In honor of Pride Month, we’re sharing Heather’s story and how YOU helped keep her family afloat.

Heather bravely came out as gay a few years ago, which then led to the separation from her husband. Despite all the change that the separation caused, Heather maintained a close relationship with her mother-in-law whose death shortly afterwards shook Heather to the core. Not only was Heather’s mother-in-law her “biggest support system,” but she also helped take care of Heather’s youngest child while Heather was at work. 

Image description: The photo shows Heather and Bre sitting together and smiling.

Since the divorce, Heather has struggled to make ends meet for herself and her three children, Cooper, Bennett, and Eleanor. Her ex-husband lost his job, and Heather’s income alone isn’t enough to get by. She has done everything she can to keep food on the table and the lights on. She has borrowed money from friends and family and has even gone as far as to ask her employer for payroll advances.

Heather’s partner, Bre, is wonderfully supportive and helps financially whenever she can. However, Bre was just laid off from her job in construction. On top of that, Heather and Bre are currently managing their relationship long distance as Bre lives across the state.

Exhausted, Heather wrote to us:

“My anxiety is affecting me daily. Somehow, my kids are thriving. I couldn’t ask for better and more resilient kids. They are my driving force. It breaks my heart to say no to them when they ask for something “extra” even if it’s small . . .”

YOU helped Heather and her family by covering mortgage payments, car payments, and utility bills. YOU helped keep her family afloat. Thank you for showing up to help Heather, Bre, Cooper, Bennett and Eleanor and so many more families in need through Together Rising.