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Holler Health Justice

Safe, accessible abortion and reproductive justice for all—that’s what we continue to stand for and invest in.

This work is not possible without our queer and Black-led partners like @hollerhealthjustice leading the way. Their passionate leadership is needed now more than ever as increased legislation makes access to abortion care and reproductive healthcare more difficult to obtain, especially for the most marginalized. 

We are grateful for Holler Health Justice’s core leadership which is invaluably enriched by their own lived experiences of abortion, sexual assault, and financial barriers to obtaining abortion access.

Since 2019, they have holistically cared for their community by providing:

  • 22,115 units of free emergency contraception distributed across West Virginia
  • Support obtaining abortions to 2,109 Appalachian people
  • $742,546 in abortion funding and practical support, including transportation, childcare, translation services, lodging, gas costs, ID obtainment, emotional support resources, and so much more

Through your support, Together Rising invested $50,000 in Holler Health Justice’s work of increasing access for those most marginalized, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, low-income, and rural communities who are disproportionately devastated by restrictions and bans on reproductive care.

“Together, we are not just providing care; we’re nurturing our communities where we are collectively respected and supported and given the opportunity to thrive. We appreciate Together Rising supporting our dedication, understanding that empowerment is found in breaking down barriers and leading in a space where autonomy can be upheld and joyously celebrated.”

Holler Health Justice co-director, Peshka Calloway

Since 2022, we have raised and invested a total of $1,277,842.42 to increase safe abortion access and to further the fight for reproductive justice. Please consider joining us by donating $10, $20 or whatever you can at the link in our bio or at Every penny received will go directly to increasing abortion access and fighting for reproductive justice through our boots-on-the-ground partners.

Photos by Gayatri Malhotra