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Hurricane Ida update

We are deploying $237,408.06 to three boots-on-the-ground organizations that are meeting the most urgent needs of families impacted by Hurricane Ida. Together, all of us are supporting:

Second Harvest Food Bank, whose team prepares year-round for emergencies like Hurricane Ida so they can activate immediately to help the most vulnerable families. Their team has been working tirelessly to deliver food and water to the hardest hit communities in southern Louisiana.

Rebuilding Together New Orleans, which is one of the largest home rehabilitation non-profit organizations in New Orleans. Their team has completed more than 650 home repair and community revitalization projects since 2005. Our investment will enable their team to work hand-in-hand with families as they rebuild in the coming months and years.

Imagine Waterworks, a Native, Creole, queer, and trans-led mutual aid fund whose team has been deeply embedded in Southern Louisiana since 2012. They are expertly equipped—their team has both lived and trained experience in mutual aid and disaster preparedness, relief, and recovery. Since Ida struck, they’ve distributed more than $90,000 of support to Black, Indigenous, transgender, and non-binary individuals, peri-natal parents, and birth doulas. They’ve also organized a FEMA paperwork support site, where families can gain access to computers, power, and wifi needed to apply for emergency assistance. In their own words, “We have been doing this kind of work long before Hurricane Ida, and we will be doing it for long after.”

To every family impacted by Ida, know that all of us in this Together Rising community will continue to stand with you. You are not alone. Our hearts are with you and our help is here. We are here. And here we will remain.

Thank you to our recurring donors, TEAM LOVE, whose continuous support is what enabled us to make an immediate initial commitment of $200,000 to Hurricane Ida relief. And thank you to every person who donated to Hurricane Ida relief in the days that followed. Thank you for showing up for these families through Together Rising. Thank you for continuing to prove that we belong to each other.

Photos from Rebuilding Together New Orleans

Photo Credit: Rebuilding Together New Orleans. Image Description: RTNO staff members tarp a roof in preparation for Hurricane Ida.
Photo Credit: Rebuilding Together New Orleans. Image Description: A RTNO staff member hammers the final nails to secure a tarp after Hurricane Ida.
Photo Credit: Rebuilding Together New Orleans. Image Description: RTNO staff and AmeriCorps members help distribute food and other critical necessities after Hurricane Ida as part of the city’s relief efforts.