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“I do not know how to thank your organization enough.”

“Dear Together Rising,

I am a single mother, a writer, a graduate student, a friend and family member, and a small business owner. I prioritize connection and community. Recently, my life flipped upside-down due to a medical crisis: a car accident that resulted in long-term, serious brain and spine injuries.”

Courtney reached out to Together Rising after having been unable to earn income for almost one year due to the injuries from her accident.

“I have depleted my savings and retirement account to cover living expenses for my son and myself. As a single mom in graduate school, I have mounting student loan debt, and for the last year I did everything in my power to try to complete my degree on time. However, my cognitive challenges from the TBI and physical challenges from the spine injuries won over and I was forced to withdraw from school for medical reasons.

I am in a dire situation and need emergency support.”

Thanks to YOU, we were able to cover Courtney’s rent for one month and pay for expenses and medical treatments not covered by insurance so she could focus her energy on healing and being present with her son. 

Courtney wrote to us recently, “I owe you all a massive thank-you note and in fact have written a draft of one and then felt it did not convey my deep gratitude. My health is getting better and thanks to Together Rising I have been able to get both the medical care and the care for my son and my home life that allow me to move forward. As you all know, I was in a situation that I absolutely could not see my way out of. I do not know how to thank your organization enough.”

We are so grateful to be able to provide a sense of relief and respite for both Courtney and her son as she continues to heal. And we can’t thank our incredible Team Love monthly donors enough for helping make our work and stories like these possible. Thank YOU!