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It’s the two-year anniversary of the most important story we’ve ever told!

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the incredible advocate Erika Pinheiro on the two-year anniversary of the most important story we’ve ever told:  How you, through Together Rising and Erika’s organization Al Otro Lado, miraculously found 90 parents who’d had their children ripped from their arms under the previous administration’s zero tolerance policy, and were then deported — without their babies.

Due to the administration’s failure to maintain records, these 90 parents were deemed impossible to find. By all accounts, they would never see their babies again. 

We turned to you — the people of the impossible — and within nine hours, you raised one million dollars. 

Together Rising, Al Otro Lado, and Justice in Motion activated a team called the Defenders, who trekked through the mountains of Honduras and Guatemala, asking: Where are the parents whose babies were taken? Take us to them, we are here to help.

We were told we wouldn’t find one parent. That was correct. Our Defenders didn’t find one parent — they found ALL 90 OF THEM.

In anticipation that the administration would refuse to allow 29 of these courageous families to step onto US soil to present their asylum claims and reunite with their babies, you, through Together Rising and the tireless team at Al Otro Lado, went to the Mexican border to stand with the parents and say: We will not rest until your babies are safe and back in your arms. 

This week, we are looking back on all that your investment has accomplished, and looking ahead to our continued commitment to funding Erika, her team, and others like her on behalf of these families. Later this week, we will be hearing directly from Erika about what is at stake, and what needs to be done. 

Because regardless of how the news cycles have ebbed and flowed over the last two years, and regardless of who is in power, Together Rising has not and will not rest until each and every child is back in their parents’ arms.  Each and every one. To date Together Rising has invested $9,397,703.37 to reunify and advocate for these families and detained children. To be part of this work, please join us at