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Image description: The photo shows Jackson and his mom sitting outside on a deck. Both are smiling. Jackson is wearing a yellow and dark blue flannel, while his mom wears a light blue shirt.

You—through Together Rising—helped two-year-old Jackson to breathe easier!

Jackson is a toddler who loves to climb, run, and explore. His dad stays home to be his primary caregiver while his mom works from home. In addition to his parents, Jackson has two older siblings.

Jackson was recently diagnosed with autism. He has also experienced allergies since he was a baby, including being allergic to several foods. In addition to food allergies, it is common for Jackson to suddenly break out in hives or be congested. He’s also struggled to sleep well at night. 

When Jackson’s dad turned to us here at Together Rising, he hoped that air purification would improve Jackson’s quality of life substantially:

“This will allow [Jackson] to be less irritable and be at peace more and stay healthy so he can learn and be at his best.”

Jackson’s parents longed to get their son what he needed—but the family couldn’t afford it given the high cost. When Jackson’s dad became a stay-at-home parent, the family went from two incomes to one. The transition has been difficult to juggle, especially as the cost of living continues to rise.

You—through Together Rising—stepped into this gap for Jackson and sent a direct grant to cover the cost of two high-quality air purifiers.

Thank you to TEAM LOVE, our recurring donors, for seeing Jackson and his family where they were—and for helping them get to where they needed to go. 

Thank you for showing up for families, children, and communities in crisis—whether it be in Turkey and Syria or Ohio—through Together Rising.