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Jazmin and Veronica

Good news! Jazmin and her three-year-old, Veronica, are moving out of the hotel they’ve been living in for the last four months and into their own place!

Last summer, Jazmin lost her job after missing work due to being sick with COVID-19. She sold her car and many of her and her daughter’s belongings to try to make up for the lost income. It wasn’t enough—and she and her daughter were evicted from their apartment. Heartbreakingly, the landlord was actually Jazmin’s father. He evicted his own daughter and grandchild.

Without anywhere else to turn, Jazmin and Veronica sought refuge at a shelter for families without stable housing. When Jazmin wrote to us, they’d just transitioned from living at the shelter to living in a hotel room.

While the cost of her temporary housing was covered, Jazmin didn’t have any money left. She didn’t know how she was going to buy basic essentials: food, diapers and wipes for Veronica, and personal hygiene items such as deodorant and shampoo.

Image description: In the photo, Jazmin is holding Veronica in her arms. Both are smiling.

Through Together Rising, you sent Jazmin a direct grant to meet her most immediate needs. She was so grateful for your support:

“Thank you to Together Rising for your amazing and generous help! My daughter and I appreciate it so much.”

At first glance, a stick of deodorant or bottle of shampoo might not seem like much. But it’s not about the physical items—it is about the dignity they provide. You gave Jazmin the gift of being seen—and a place to turn when she had nowhere else.

We celebrate with Jazmin and her daughter on their fresh start in their new place!