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Image description: The photo shows Joey laying on Jeralyn’s chest. Jeralyn is smiling and wearing a red and black checkered flannel shirt.

After Jeralyn and Nick learned that their baby, Joey, had multiple congenital heart conditions that would require extensive care, you—through Together Rising—lifted an immense weight from their shoulders.

Jeralyn was twenty-one weeks pregnant when she and Nick went in for a routine anatomy scan. During the appointment, the doctor showed significant concern about Joey’s heart. Jeralyn and Nick were referred to several specialists in Boston for continued care—two hours away from their home in Rhode Island.

“I truly am not sure how we will make ends meet while receiving care for our newborn two hours away,” wrote Jeralyn. Because she had just started a new job, Jeralyn could take twelve weeks of parental leave but almost all of it would be unpaid. While Nick would also take leave, he planned to return to work much earlier than anticipated, as the stress of being without an income was mounting.

Through Together Rising, you gave Jeralyn and Nick room to breathe by covering the costs of their largest and most pressing expenses.

On a cold December day, Jeralyn and Nick welcomed Joey into the world.

It was confirmed that he had three congenital conditions affecting his heart: transposition of the great vessels, a ventricular septal defect, and critical pulmonary stenosis. After twelve long days in the hospital, Jeralyn and Nick finally got to bring Joey home to meet his siblings.

Unfortunately, within a week’s time, Joey would be hospitalized again. When his oxygen level dropped, Jeralyn—a nurse—spotted it right away. She and Nick ended up having to rush Joey back to Boston. Jeralyn stayed with Joey while Nick had to go back home to take care of Chase and Bella, the couple’s two other children. Having to be apart—especially during such a difficult time—was hard on all of them. 

After another twenty-seven days in the hospital, two catheterizations, two blood transfusions, and more, Joey got to go home again! Today he is at home and thriving.

Thank you to TEAM LOVE. Because of your recurring donations, we had funds ready to send to Jeralyn and Nick when they needed it most.