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Jessica + Justin

“You have given us the gift of peace from worry, relief from stress, and allowed us time to heal and find some clarity. You have proven that there are people who truly care for others and are selfless in our world. Thanks to the Together Rising grant, our family has found an abundance of hope!”

“Hope” might not be the first word you would think of when you hear the hurdles Jessica and her husband, Justin, have faced in the last two years. 

Jessica was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in March 2022. A mom of three, Jessica’s youngest was barely 5 months old at the time of her diagnosis. Over the next few months the Walshes pursued treatments of all kinds; later that year, a scan showed the cancer had progressed. Then, early in 2023, they learned that it had metastasized and was now stage 4. Jessica began chemo for a few months, then moved onto hormone therapy and immunotherapy. She will soon start radiation therapy.  

Last September, while Jessica was undergoing treatment, Justin was laid off from his career of seven years due to restructuring. Times were tough—and a family member suggested they apply for a Together Rising grant.

“The process and application were very simple, and every interaction we’ve had with Together Rising has left us feeling joy and a sense of peace,” Justin shared “At a time when troubles seemed insurmountable, we found hope in Together Rising. Thank you to all who have donated and made this gift possible!”

Thanks to YOU, Jessica and Justin don’t think of this as a season of hopelessness but as one full of hope, community, and generosity. Thanks to YOU, instead of worrying about medical bills and mortgage statements, they’ve been able to focus on healing and nurturing their young family.