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Justice In Motion

Justice in Motion has been a leader in the effort to reunify families separated under the US government’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. Through its “Defender Network” – a partnership with  40 organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua – Justice in Motion has been key to finding and supporting parents no one else could reach, including parents like the father from Guatemala who was deported back to his native country while two of his younger children were detained in the US.

Gabriel –  a Justice in Motion “Defender” – was assigned the case to reunite this family and lead the complex process of locating the father and mother who were in Guatemala. Through research, relationships, and an incredible amount of on-the-ground legwork, Gabriel was able to locate the parents who lived in one of the 50+ small villages within a “micro-region” of Guatemala – far from where initial information indicated that they might be. 

Once located by Gabriel, the parents learned – after months of uncertainty – that their younger children were living in the US with their older brother and had graduated from high school. And although they were relieved to know that their children were safe, they were also devastated to realize that they had missed the opportunity to celebrate this significant milestone with them. Fortunately, Gabriel was able to help the parents navigate some travel options, and only 2 months after Justice in Motion took their case – both parents headed to the US to reunite with their children. 

En route to the US, the father shared that he felt totally hopeless “until Gabriel came to visit and explained what his work was and the process…I’m very excited to see my children again. They worked hard and graduated from school in the United States. My children were so happy to hear my wife and I are coming. I’m so thankful to everyone who made this possible, including Gabriel.”

Thanks to YOUR support, Together Rising has been providing funds to @justiceinmotion since 2018. This current grant allows them to continue this critical work – reuniting parents with their children and restoring families; the way it should be.