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Image description: The graphic shows two photos side-by-side. The first shows Karla with her children. The second shows Karla, who is masked, during one of her treatments.

Last year during the winter holiday season, Karla—a single mom of two—received heartbreaking news. The biopsy of the mass she found in her left breast confirmed what she suspected. At only 34 years old, she had breast cancer.

Shortly after the new year started, Karla underwent surgery to remove the malignant mass.

Her doctors recommended a comprehensive treatment regimen—chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy. Because her small town outside of Chihuahua, Mexico is not equipped to offer those treatments, Karla drove an hour and a half each way for treatment at a larger medical facility in the state capital.

When we met her, Karla was struggling to make ends meet for her family. Although she began receiving disability benefits after her diagnosis, she had two kids relying solely on her—Isabella and Maximiliano—and the benefits weren’t even close to enough to meet the family’s basic needs.

Karla needed somewhere to turn. She turned to us.

Through Together Rising, you covered the cost of several months of groceries to keep Karla and her children nourished during this difficult time for their family.

In her thank you to you, she wrote:

“Les agradezco mucho el apoyo de verdad estoy muy agradecida con ustedes es un apoyo muy bueno y me va a ayudar mucho.”

“Many thanks for the support, I am truly very grateful to you as it is needed support and it will help me greatly.”

Now, Karla is focused, not on finances or how she’ll put food on the table, but on her treatment and her children—because of you.