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Image Description: Photo shows two women standing next to each other to take a photo. The women on the left, Ruth, is wearing glasses and has short red hair. The woman on the right, Katie, has long blonde hair and is wearing a gray jacket. Trees and grass can be seen in the background.

We know that sometimes we are in a position to give support and sometimes we are in a position of needing support—and that the line between the two is often fuzzy, especially as many of us have faced unprecedented financial and emotional stressors over the last fifteen months. 

When we first met her, Katie—a veteran of the Coast Guard—was experiencing symptoms of PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Her former partner, Ruth, wrote to us to share that Katie was the kind of person who had always done whatever she could to support those in her life. That she’d supported Ruth whenever she needed it over the last three years. That now that Katie was the one who needed support, Ruth wanted to do the same for her. 

Katie had lost her financial stability—and like it has for so many people, COVID made the situation worse. She couldn’t afford her weekly therapy sessions—the very thing that was bringing light into the darkness her PTSD, depression, and anxiety had her living through. In addition to therapy, Katie was also struggling to afford basic necessities, including groceries.

All of us, through Together Rising, showed up for Katie by covering the cost of therapy—enough for an entire year of sessions—and sending gift cards for groceries. She no longer has to worry about affording the therapy and food she needs because of this community’s generosity. She is supported—because of all of us.

While #Pride month came to an end yesterday, our commitment to showing up for LGBTQ+ community will never waver. We will keep supporting this community and sharing these stories, just as we have always done. 

We know the last fifteen months have been difficult for so, so many reasons. Are you in need of support or do you know someone who is? Together Rising supports families and individuals through direct grants of funds or goods and organization grants to partners on the ground. If you would like to request support on behalf of yourself or someone you know, you can do so at If not, would you share the graphic in hopes that someone who needs support might see it and know Together Rising is a safe place to turn?