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Learning to walk again!

This is a story about a warrior mama named Joanne – who is fighting to learn to walk again – a beloved daughter named Christina who would do anything for her, a neighborhood that has rallied together, and this incredible community at Together Rising, which is stepping up for all of them so Joanne can step into her new life.

Christina describes her mom Joanne as tough as nails, independent, stubborn, and STRONG. Last summer, Joanne was healthy and active. Then, in December, a genetic venous malformation in her spine ruptured and left her unable to use her legs. With surgery and rehab, Joanne is recovering. Her local community came together to cover the cost of special braces to allow her the possibility of walking again.

At only 50 years old, Joanne was hellbent on maintaining her independence and continuing her work as a graphic designer. Yet, as medical bills mounted, including expenses to make her home accessible, independence started to seem impossible.  That’s when her daughter Christina turned to you at Together Rising – the people of the impossible! -- for help.Joanne is doing hard things. She is learning to walk again! And we are walking with her by helping with her medical costs and reminding her that we belong to each other.

Today, we celebrate all daughters lifting up their mothers and all communities lifting up one another. And we thank YOU for helping Joanne know she has a community even bigger than she realized.  Thank you to our recurring monthly givers on TEAM LOVE for partnering with us so we can help Joanne get back on her feet!