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Letters, Love, and Connection

350One of the notes that inspired us to begin our Together Letters program was one received during our most recent Holiday Hands. Mom Beckie wrote about her son Wyatt, and your response to her desire for connection was overwhelming.


“My 8 year old son, Wyatt, is in 2nd grade and is in an LLD classroom for learning disabilities. Over the past year, Wyatt has been struggling with anxiety and depression. Over the past couple of weeks, … he is believing that he is not a good person, worthy of love and friendship. And that there is no hope for him in this world. And that all of the confusion and frustration going on inside cannot be fixed. Would you consider writing a card or letter to Wyatt this holiday season? He needs words & prayers of truth, affirmation, love and encouragement poured into him. He is kind, thoughtful, caring, and funny. I am certain that it would lift his spirits and that Truth and Love can and WILL win in Wyatt.”


As you always do, you showed up. Over 140 of you commented, saying you wanted to send love and letters to Wyatt.


“I would be absolutely honored.”


“Yes! We are with you, sweet Wyatt!”


You affirmed Wyatt’s worth even before you began writing letters.


“We are in!… I think Wyatt is the type of kid who will change the world.”


“YES PLEASE! I want to encourage Wyatt! He is an exceptional kid with an exceptional brain!”


Many of the comments let Beckie know you saw her and her hard work and love for her son.


“My two girls and I would LOVE to send notes and cards and drawings. Can we please? … You are a great Mom!”


Other comments let Beckie and Wyatt know they aren’t alone.


“My son, E, is going through the same thing… My kids and I would love to write him!”


“I would love to send Wyatt a letter of hope. I am a mother of two beautiful teenagers, a learning support teacher and have also experienced anxiety and depression. I use my experiences every day to live a better life and be the best I can be and hope I can inspire Wyatt to do the same in some small way.”


Your precious children joined in.


“I am a 2nd grade teacher and would love to write a letter. I will actually have my 9 year old write it as he is far more eloquent than even me. He will also include better drawings:)”


“C. W. grade 2

Dear Wyatt I read your story I am sorry about that I will pray for you and I love the fact that you have so much encouragement have a great holiday”


Entire classrooms and even a Brownie Troop got in on the love.


“I know my students would love to help!”


“Our Brownie Troop would love to send some Christmas cheer to Wyatt.”


And as always with Holiday Hands, the line between giver and receiver was blurred.


“I posted a need this year, but I would love to write a letter to you little guy! My daughter is also diagnosed with IDD and has a lot of anxiety. I bet she would love to write him as well!… Hang in there. Y’all are surrounded by tons of love.”


You showed up for Wyatt, the same way you have been showing up for hundreds of others in our Together Letters program.

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