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Together, Love Wins – Louisiana Flooding

350-floodOur beloved sisters and brothers in Louisiana have been operating with stunning courage and grace and ferocity and hope under harrowing circumstances. We have been watching how you have handled this flooding and each other and we stand in awe of you.


To thank you for your example, Together Rising has connected with an incredible group called the Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL). A+PEL told us that around 40 of Louisiana’s schools were devastated by last month’s flooding, and they have set up a Disaster Relief Fund to assist teachers who lost classroom supplies in the floods.


100% of the donations that A+PEL receives go directly to teachers, and so far 934 teachers have contacted them to request assistance. Together Rising has provided A+PEL with $10,000 to support these teachers and to help these flooded schools recover.

Louisiana teachers and back-to-schoolers: We see you, we believe in you, and our help is already on its way. Friends, this is just some of what your giving is making possible.


AND ALSO—STAY TUNED. Next month we are going to have another story to share with you about how your gifts are pouring down love on a flooded-out high school in West Virginia. What’s happening there in the next couple of weeks is so beautiful that we can hardly wait to tell you all about it.


Can you believe that we get to do work this together???? CAN YOU BELIEVE WE FOUND EACH OTHER AND WE GET TO HEAL OURSELVES AND THIS BRUTIFUL WORLD TOGETHER?? Love Warriors—let’s not forget. We belong to each other, and, together, we can see love win.


The Whole Together Rising Family