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“It’s validation that we matter to someone,” wrote Lucinda, a new mom and recent grant recipient.

Last February, Lucinda and Xavier welcomed their first baby, Ella, into the world. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Lucinda developed Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s disease is an inner ear condition that can cause vertigo attacks. For Lucinda, the vertigo quickly became so debilitating that she could not take care of Ella by herself. Xavier requested to take parental leave to be with his wife and baby during this difficult time. His leave was approved. However, before he could even begin his leave, he lost his job.

Lucinda and Xavier are both social workers—a profession that is vital to our communities, yet is often underpaid. When Xavier unexpectedly lost his job, the family’s household income was cut in half.

With this unexpected turn of events, the family transitioned to survival mode, “burning their savings and borrowing to survive,” wrote Lucinda.

Becoming parents for the first time is already stressful enough without the added pressure of a job loss and a debilitating health diagnosis. Lucinda and Xavier needed help. Through Together Rising, YOU showed up for them by covering several months of utility bills and four months of mortgage payments. You helped to lift some of that immense weight off of their shoulders.

The grant was so meaningful that it brought Lucinda to tears. In her thank you email, Lucinda described how much the grant impacted her and Xavier:

“Thank you for giving us the space and support to share our story, our struggles, and our needs. This money is more than money to us, it’s validation that we matter to someone.”

If you are going through a difficult time, know that YOU matter. We see you.

Thank you to TEAM LOVE, our recurring donors, for seeing this family where they were—and for helping them get where they needed to be.

Names have been changed at the grant recipient’s request.