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me too. International

As a Black woman- and survivor-led organization, me too. International is on a mission to provide free and much-needed resources directly to survivors of sexual violence. Working directly with survivors has shown the me too. International team that healing is the foundation of all transformative action. They are also channeling their desire for change into a movement for systemic transformation. It is a unique space to occupy, but is vital that the work of addressing and interrupting sexual violence holds space for both healing and action. 

Thanks to YOU, our incredible Together Rising community, we have invested $300,000 to further support the vital work of me too. International. 

That work includes resources such as the Survivor’s Sanctuary, a free, safe, and accessible online platform that offers 36 healing lessons to meet survivors where they are while also moving them toward post-traumatic growth. As a result, many survivors are able to make healthy and meaningful connections with others, access and cultivate calm in their bodies, and recognize that they have a choice in how they define their own stories moving forward. 

“Because sexual violence is a community problem that deserves a community response, there is a role for everyone to play.” –me too. International 

We all have an immense responsibility — and opportunity — to help harness the pain of the millions of people who shared the hashtag #metoo and transform it into radical healing and collective effort. This work is bigger than a hashtag, it’s a survivor-led movement to end sexual violence, and its future lies in the multifaceted healing of individual survivors on their own terms. 

Thanks to the work of experienced and trailblazing leaders like me too. International Founder Tarana Burke and her entire team, we get to be part of that healing and change.