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Meet James!

Meet James—a ten-month-old you’re supporting! Baby James lives in Ohio with his mama, Kelsey. He has a rare retina disease and has been blind since he was born. Like it is for all children, play is critical for James’ development. He needs sensory toys—“toys that encourage movement or get him moving,” wrote Kelsey. There are many types of these toys, from foam balls with varying textures—bumpy, smooth, spiky, grooved—that James can feel and roll around on their floor to turtle-themed-infant-walkers that play music James can hear across the room.

Image description: The photo shows James sitting in his high chair enjoying some food.

Through Together Rising, you sent Kelsey a direct grant to cover the cost of new sensory play toys, braille books, upstairs and downstairs gates for safety, and more!

Thank you to TEAM LOVE, our steadfast recurring donors, whose donations allowed us to step into this gap for Kelsey and her little one. We are so deeply grateful for you.