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Microsoft + Monkees = Miracles

The Monkees joined forces with Microsoft to GIVE time, technology, and hope to Battle Monument School.  Battle Monument is an under-funded public school located in Baltimore County, MD  for students between the ages of 3 and 21 with profound mental and physical disabilities.

The week before the transformation, Monkees used to purchase over $18,000 worth of school supplies from teacher’s Dream Lists in 3 hours.  AMAZING.

Look through the pictures to see all the serving and loving that was done on that incredible day. Once again, the givers became the receivers of huge blessings from the teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and students that make up Battle Monument. We are now all part of a single, bigger community together.

A HUGE thank you to photographers Rick Fensch and Sean Dackermann for donating their time and talent to provide us with these photos!

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