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Mother’s Day Love Flash Mob – May 2016



Mother’s Day Compassion Collective Love Flash Mob was held in May 2016. We launched a Mother’s Day campaign, continuing our work with refugees and extending our mission to include caring for homeless youth in the United States. Because love is not Either/Or.  Love is And/Both. Our communities rallied again and raised over $560,000 to fund these causes. The money for domestic homeless organizations has been used to help house the most vulnerable of homeless youth, including teen moms and LGBTQ+ youth, to provide food and supplies for homeless youth across the country, and to provide necessary supplies for children aging out of the foster care system. With respect to our international efforts, our funding provided food, tents, blankets, shelters, heat, hygiene kits, medical assistance, necessities for children, and general supplies for tens of thousands of refugees. We are funding several grassroots organizations on the front lines of the refugee crisis to execute on these programs. We also are providing the funds to operate a rescue boat run by Refugee Rescue to literally rescue children and families from the water who are trying to flee Syria.