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Meet Natalie, a mom of three who has gained so much independence since you helped make her kitchen accessible!

Natalie lives in northern Florida with her fiancé and their four, two, and one-year-old boys, Charles, Jarrett, and Johnathan.

Natalie has Friedreich’s ataxia, which is a progressive neuromuscular disease. When she wrote to us, she shared that her most immediate need was for her home to be accessible. Natalie uses a wheelchair and at the time, she couldn’t access any of the major appliances in her kitchen because they were all too difficult for her to reach.

Image description: The photo shows Natalie and her three children.

You helped Natalie with what she needed most. In addition to covering the cost of renovation materials, you also covered the cost of accessible appliances: a front-control electric induction stove, a french door refrigerator with pull-out middle drawer, and a pull-out drawer dishwasher.

Natalie can now cook a meal for her family, load groceries into the fridge, and keep dishes and sippy cups clean. Her quality of life has significantly improved. She has gained the independence she was hoping for when she first wrote to us.

Thank you for seeing Natalie and for helping to bridge the gap between where she was and where she needed to be. Thank you to TEAM LOVE, our recurring donors—your steadfast support made it possible for us to fund this life-changing grant.