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Nebraska Floods

Just over a week ago, a terrifying "bomb cyclone" hit much of the central United States, causing hurricane-force winds and huge snow and rain. Nebraska was hit particularly hard, and the timing could not have been worse --  as it is planting and calving season. Cattle are Nebraska’s largest agricultural industry. The true impact of the flooding on the people of Nebraska may not be understood for a long time, but the losses include the devastation of countless family businesses built over generations.  There are many faces and stories behind the numbers — ranchers whose families have been in the cattle business for generations, ranchers who lost their entire livelihoods in one storm. Families without a way to support themselves and their community.

Because of our generous monthly donors, we are sending $20,000 to the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation Disaster Relief Fund. This fund is going directly to affected ranchers. They are funding feed for livestock, temporary fencing, livestock housing arrangements, veterinary costs, efforts to clear debris from fields, roads and homes, and rent, mortgage or utility bills while repair and restorations are underway. These families lives and livelihoods were turned upside down and without hope in minutes. We know that in a blink of an eye everything can change, but we will continue to stand for each other because we belong to each other.

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