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Out Youth

Out Youth is one of three incredible organizations Together Rising is honored to amplify as we sunset our organization. Out Youth’s commitment to creating safety and acceptance for queer youth has lasted decades, and we are proud to announce them as one of our final grantees. 

As Together Rising sunsets as an organization, we are proud to invest an additional $750,000 in Out Youth to support their critical work

“There is no one doing what we do in central Texas. Unfortunately it’s not like we are one of several places these young people can go to. It’s us. Our existence is what’s the most special thing about us.” – Aubrey Wilkerson, Executive Director Out Youth 

As parts of the world become harder and less safe for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, we must bolster the places of refuge that exist and we are so grateful for the work of our long-term and queer-led partner, Out Youth. 

Based in Austin, Out Youth serves central Texas LGBTQIA+ youth and their allies. For more than 30 years, Out Youth has carved out a unique model of services – including support groups, counseling, and drop-ins – to ensure these promising young people have the opportunity to develop into happy, healthy, successful adults. 

Together Rising has existed to be a bridge between this community and boots-on-the-ground organizations doing relentless, world-healing work every day.  Today, we invite you to step over this bridge to connect directly with Out Youth.  Follow them, invest in them, and cheer them on!