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Pakistan is underwater

Pakistan is underwater.

Young girls float down the now-river that used to be a road, balancing on an old mattress turned makeshift raft, paddling with a broomstick.

Fathers hold the only belongings they have left over their heads—whatever they could grab as the deluge descended—and try desperately to keep items dry as they wade through the chest deep water.

Driven by climate change, the monsoon season arrived early, bringing record-breaking rainfall that has wreaked destruction across a third of the country. Flooding has killed more than 1,100 people, destroyed one million homes, and displaced and affected a total of 33 million people since June. More than three million children are at grave risk of malnutrition, drowning, and waterborne diseases, according to the UN.

You, through Together Rising, are deploying  $100,000 in urgent relief to two of our trusted partners Too Young to Wed and ShelterBox USA.

Photo credit: Photo 2: Gideon Mendel, Corbis Historical 

Deeply embedded in Pakistan, Too Young to Wed has mobilized to deliver emergency food, water, hygiene and baby care items, as well as access to critical medical care.

ShelterBox is an expert in flood responses, having coordinated more than 75 in the last two decades, including for Pakistan’s 2010 flood. They are focused on the most vulnerable families in the most affected areas of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan. Shelter kits include two tarpaulins, a shovel, a hoe, a hammer, nails, and wire, which can be assembled to create emergency shelter for families. Solar lights allow families to see after darkness falls. Water filters save lives by making water safe to drink and use.

Flooding is devastating many areas of the world from Pakistan to Jackson, Mississippi, where families do not have safe water. Our team is working to find a way for Together Rising to step into that gap as well.

Thank you to TEAM LOVE, whose monthly gifts make it possible for us to deploy funds quickly to our partners activating on the ground.

Together, we are delivering urgent relief to those young girls, those fathers, and so many of these families and children.