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People Do Care

People Do Care

Try and remember the last time you were sick and just the act of breathing was difficult. Now imagine that it is your child who is fighting that chronic battle- and the one thing you can do to ease that struggle, vacuuming to cut down on household dust and allergens, is not feasible because your vacuum has broken and you cannot afford to replace it. It’s such a simple thing, really. And most of us complain about vacuuming- but for Monkee Valerie, cleaning her house to ease her son’s burden is sacred work.

“My name is Valerie B. and I have a son (turning 2 this month!) that has been plagued by health problems… I am a single mother, under employed with a child support claim that is not being honored, and a grad student… My son has battled constant respiratory infections for months now, his lungs are so sensitive and cannot seem to heal.

I clean a few times a week, dusting and sweeping, etc. But we live in a 100+ year old home, so there is a TON of dust. Recently, my vacuum burned up and now it needs to be replaced. I just don’t have it in my budget, and I worry that not cleaning the carpets will further agitate his breathing.

My request is very specific. I could really use a new (or used, anything that cleans) vacuum so I can maintain a clean home for my son.

I understand that my request might seem insignificant compared to the needs of others. But at this point, I’m willing to ask anything if there’s a chance it might help my son—that’s my job as a momma! With any luck, I’ll be one momma helping another momma by the time Holiday Hands 2013 rolls around.”

Together Rising was blessed to be able to help Valerie and her precious Little. After a little research, we were able to provide this hardworking single mama with a vacuum that will help her to keep her house dust and allergen free, and allow Valerie and her beautiful boy to both breathe a little easier.

“Please know that the gift you provided might seem so simple, but in these last few weeks it has become a beacon. A shining example that people DO care, that perfect strangers stand beside us, surround us, and hold us up.”

MONKEES- Look what you did.