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The Potential of Every Single Kid

untitled-design-37This year, we raised $275,000 for US homeless youth organizations. Thank you for warming and lighting the world, Love Warriors, for helping take care of homeless youth here in America. We feel this potential for us there. These young people filled with hope and talent and promise — these artists and geniuses and poets and athletes and future activists living on the streets. Nope. We NEED them. So we’ve got to help.


Together, we are supporting amazing programs like Youth Villages’ LifeSet.


Entering adulthood, choices about education, employment, relationships, and health can be overwhelming. Since 1999, LifeSet has helped provide the most vulnerable young people with the support they need to realize their own amazing potential.


The program has one simple tenet:

We believe in the potential of every single kid to become an incredible adult.


A successful transition to adulthood includes maintaining stable and suitable housing, remaining free from legal involvement, participating in an educational/vocational program and developing the life skills necessary to become a responsible citizen.


Youth Villages’ LifeSet program works not only with former foster youth and other vulnerable young people but also with their support systems to help ensure a more successful transition to adulthood.


We sent a $40,000 grant to help young adults like Lannette get the items they need to get solidly back on their feet.



Youth Villages’ LifeSet wrote to us:

Lannette is a 3rd year Professional Studies/Health Administration major and mother to an 11 month old baby boy, Theodore. Her job requires her to work odd hours, making it difficult to coordinate work, school, and parenthood. This often results in her doing her homework late at night and needing to print things off for class the next day. Because her schedule is too tight for her to get to campus in time to print before class, she has often had to wake her sleeping son late at night, pack him up, and go to campus to print off her work for the next day. This also meant being in a college computer lab with a cranky, sleepy infant.


When she told LifeSet Network staff about the difficulty she was having, we were able to send her a home printer. Now Lannette can finish and print her school work at home. Her son can sleep through the night, and she no longer has the added stress of making those late night trips to campus. 


For more information about YV LifeSet’s work, visit:


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