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Woman with side ponytail wearing a green hat and plaid shirt works on a roof

As we celebrate #HispanicHeritageMonth, we are delighted to highlight an organization that provides on-going and much-needed relief to many throughout Puerto Rico. 

PRoTechos was founded in 2017 by two well-known architects who saw the devastation caused throughout Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria and knew they needed to do something. Maria killed thousands on the island and caused billions of dollars in damage, including 28,000 roofs that were ripped from homes. Nearly 6 years later, 80% of those roofs remain unrepaired, and that’s where PRo Techos comes in. 

PRoTechos cleans out waste and mold from damaged homes and replaces ineffective blue tarp coverings with quality durable roofing. They are restoring what once was, but doing so with materials that can withstand future storms. One roof at a time, PRoTechos is – quite literally – building a stronger Puerto Rico! 

The magic of PRoTechos is not merely what they do, but how they do it. PRoTechos’ mission is simple – to rebuild damaged roofs in under-served communities throughout Puerto Rico, while providing residents with basic carpentry training. This approach helps improve living conditions by improving housing and addressing the shortage of skilled construction workers on the island.

PRoTechos also prioritizes equity in its work by focusing on those who need help the most – the elderly and individuals with disabilities. They also train and hire women, in addition to men, to be part of the crew, creating a supportive environment and employment opportunities for a sector that is traditionally male-dominated. 

Thanks to YOU, we invested $59,200 in PRoTechos’ efforts to help everyone access high-quality  shelter. PRoTECHOS is working to make that shelter safe and ready for what lies ahead. And that is something to celebrate.