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Rafah Update

In the midst of the tragic news that continues to come out of Gaza, we wanted to bring you a fundraising report. Since our last update, we have raised $105,017.32. We want to thank all 6,159 of you who have joined our initial pledge to bring our total so far to $501,282.47. THANK YOU.

Our dollars are getting to the people in Gaza who need it most through our boots-on-the-ground partners American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) and Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA). They are each receiving a total of $250,641.24.

Together Rising has been actively involved in the crisis long before this latest tragedy.  

Since 2021, we have invested $558,207.31 in life-saving clean water, food packets, medical intervention and supplies, hygiene kits, and psychological support. Your support today brings our total to $1,059,489.78.

Transparency and trustworthiness are two values Together Rising takes incredibly seriously, which is why we are so grateful to be able to support the work of these incredible organizations. Many of you have asked earnestly exactly how supplies are getting into Gaza. 

ANERA has had staff in the region since 1968. They have protective measures in place to ensure their aid is safely delivered to Palestinian civilians and their families. Together Rising staff had a phone call this morning with ANERA’s team in which we learned that your dollars will support their community kitchens in feeding the displaced. Today alone they served 106,800 hot meals. 

Yesterday on a call with MECA, Together Rising was made aware that their team continues to buy fresh produce parcels from farmers, and that their trucks containing dry food packages are coming in through Cairo. Last week MECA distributed food parcels to 12,000 families.

To all those who have donated and shared, THANK YOU! Together, we are harnessing our heartbreak into hope and into relief from hunger for many families and communities in Gaza. We are immensely grateful for you showing up and declaring that there is no such thing as other people’s children. 

With love, solidarity, and relentless hope,

Together Rising