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Image description: The photo shows Stacey and her four children standing in front of a fireplace.

“This means so much. A brand new freakin’ start. I will be forever grateful and appreciate your part in my journey,” wrote Stacey about how you changed her life.

Back in 2019, Stacey, her husband of 25 years, and three of their children moved into their dream home. Just six weeks later, her husband informed their children that he and Stacey would be getting a divorce. The children then told their mom—Stacey was the last to know about her own divorce.

From that moment, Stacey’s life turned upside down. With no other choice, she immediately went into survival mode.

Soon after, her ex-husband was ordered to pay the minimum amount for spousal support, despite Stacey being unable to work due to being disabled. Struggling with her mental health, she had just been discharged from a psychiatric hospital the day before.

Without enough income to live on, Stacey moved into a small area in the back of a storefront an hour away from her children and her mom. No kitchen, no shower. She and her 140 pound service dog were sleeping on a couch.

Other than her service dog, Stacey had no support system. In her own words, she was alone.

Stacey desperately needed a fresh start. She longed to be near her children and her mom again, whom by that point she’d lived away from for more than two years.

After receiving notice that the storefront’s building where she lived was being sold, Stacey went from wanting to move to being forced to move. She had thirty days.

Through Together Rising, you helped Stacey move back to her hometown where her mom and three of her four children live.

In addition to being closer to her support system, Stacey is now an hour closer to the medical specialists she needs. She is working hard to start her own small business.

Stacey is no longer alone. She has started fresh, surrounded by people who love her—because of you.

Image description: The graphic shows a screenshot of an email from Stacey surrounded by a navy blue background. The email reads, “If I missed anything that you need please let me know. I am, quite honestly, in shock right now. This means so much. A brand freakin’ new start. I will be forever grateful and appreciate your part in my journey. So much love and gratitude!”