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Stefanie and Travis

Image description: The photo shows Stefanie and her family.

After surgery failed to remove Travis’s brain tumor, Stefanie needed to drive him a total of 3,300 miles to and from his radiation treatments—but they didn’t have a reliable car.

Travis is a beloved husband to Stefanie and dad to their three children, Benjamin, Avery, and Margaret. One day last year, their lives were turned upside down when Travis began losing vision in his left eye. After extensive testing, his doctors found a tumor pressing on his optic nerve. 

In January, Travis underwent a grueling brain surgery, but his surgeons were unable to remove the mass. Travis’s recovery was brutal with severe fatigue, pain, constant headaches, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and vertigo. In addition to these debilitating symptoms, Travis’s vision continued to worsen.

That’s when Stefanie wrote to us. Travis needed to start radiation treatments soon to prevent the tumor from growing. Stefanie needed to drive him to and from his treatments—3,300 miles total—but they didn’t have a reliable car. Their family car had mechanical issues and was in desperate need of replacement, but between medical bills, living expenses, and lost income, the family was struggling to make ends meet. They couldn’t afford to replace the vehicle.

Through Together Rising, YOU covered the cost of a safe, reliable vehicle for them, in addition to other pressing needs. Now Stefanie can drive Travis to and from his treatments without the added anxiety of a potential car breakdown.

Thank you for lifting some of the “overwhelm” from their shoulders. Thank you for making Together Rising a place where Stefanie could turn during this difficult time. Thank you to TEAM LOVE, our recurring donors, whose steadfast support made this grant possible.