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Thank you from a mama of two

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Laid off, with two small children -- including one who has Down syndrome and related immunodeficiency -- single mama Rebecca* was struggling to cope with the excruciating financial stress, loneliness, and exhaustion of this time. You sent your love along with money to help Rebecca pay rent and her electric bill. 


She wrote this thank you to you:  “I received a check from Together Rising on Saturday in my mail. I immediately began crying. I felt seen, cared for, and a relief that helped me feel like I could care for my kids. I am so grateful.”


Thank you for proving, to Rebecca and to us, that we belong to each other, and that when we help a woman rise, we help all of those around her rise. 


Because of your recurring monthly contributions to Together Rising, families like Rebecca’s are receiving hope in their mailboxes every single day.


*Name changed to respect anonymity.