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The Best Message We Receive

Because of YOU… 

We get messages like this:

Hi, Together Rising Team!

Two years ago, I reached out to Together Rising in need of help. I had estranged myself from my abusive parents several months prior, and I was going to school full time, working as much as I could, and pouring as much extra time and money as I could into applying to PhD programs. I made a math error budgeting and found myself with no backup plan to pay for food after bills. I really thought everything was about to come crashing down.

Fortunately, Together Rising kicked in with aid to buy a few months of groceries! Not only could I afford groceries for that month, but I was also able to buy groceries the next couple months– greatly reducing the hours I had to work, and enabling me to spend time choosing the PhD program that would be right for me. Now, I’ve successfully relocated and settled into my new community and well on my way to earning a PhD, studying access to abortion and contraceptives through a reproductive justice lens.  And, now that I have a stable income, there’s enough left over to make a small monthly donation to Together Rising with the knowledge you’ll use it to help someone else like you helped me.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I didn’t have the words to share my story then, but I do now. 

Because of YOU, people have a place to turn.

Thank you for your support which keeps this work going.