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The Strength to Ask for Help

We Rise Together

“I’m not really sure how to even start this, this whole putting my pride aside thing is really hard for me.”

We get that. We really, really do. But we are so grateful that Stephanie found the strength and bravery to ask for the help that she needed.

For years she endured violence in her relationship. It is a terrible thing not to feel safe in one’s own home. When her husband left her he took everything of monetary value, cleaned out their bank account and never looked back. Finally free from his abuse, she found herself unemployed, destitute and needing to care for her two precious Littles, both of whom have special needs. That would bring most people to their knees- but our Stephanie is a Warrior.

She picked herself up, found work cleaning houses and continued to take care of her children. She also, in true Monkee fashion, found a way to use the difficulties she’d endured to help other women in similar situations by starting a not-for-profit. Amazing.

Amazing people need help sometimes.

This hard working mother is doing everything she can, as she put it, “to make ends meet, but they never meet.” She wants what every mother wants. She wants her family to be safe. She wants to put food on the table, and to keep a roof over their heads.

With your support, Together Rising was able to help this Stephanie with $1000 grocery store gift card to ease the strain of trying to feed two small children, both of whom are on medically prescribed diets, and another $1000 to help with her mortgage.

“I wish I had something else to say besides “thank you.” I really can’t express my gratitude enough.”