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They are all reuniting with their babies!!!



On 3/2, through Together Rising, you stood vigil on the border with 29 families who came to reclaim their children. These parents had their children ripped from their arms by the administration, and were then illegally deported without their children.

After we crossed, 17 of these asylum-seeking parents were again detained by ICE – prolonging separation from their children from whom they’ve been separated for between 10-17 months. When CBP processed the families after they had lawfully presented themselves for asylum and reunification with their children, many were transferred in shackles like criminals. Parents went hungry in ‘hieleras’ or ‘icebox’ holding cells and suffered immense trauma during their prolonged detention and continued separation from their children.

They were detained like this for 42 Excruciating Days. Through your support, our partners Al Otro Lado worked tirelessly to pursue these parents’ legal rights to be released and reunified with their children. During these 42 days, through Together Rising, you paid for their food and for phone calls with their children, and have pushed for their release.

All of the parents were released this weekend. They are being reunified as you read this.

These families came to America seeking asylum.

They were ripped apart.

These families came back to America to be reunified with their children, only to be again detained and traumatized.

And yet, because of you, our amazing donors, these families felt love. They knew that we were standing with them, and that we will continue to stand with them.

Even though this continues to be a horrifying crisis, you keep showing up.

And many who were once hopeless are holding their babies in their arms right now because you keep showing up.

Thank you, warriors of Al Otro Lado and givers of Together Rising.