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Together Rising is funding an additional $941,000 to support families whose lives have been shattered by the attacks on Ukraine

For two weeks, the world has watched as horrific violence terrorizes children and families in Ukraine. Countless civilians have been killed. More than two million have become refugees overnight, fleeing for their lives. A deadly bombing just decimated a children’s hospital. Within a moment, what should be a safe place for kids to receive medical care became a hole in the ground surrounded by piled rubble and debris.

These atrocities continue, with no end in sight.

Together Rising is funding an additional $941,000 to support families whose lives have been shattered by the attacks on Ukraine.

Your investment is providing:

An entire cargo plane of medical supplies

Critical aid for hospitals

Trauma-informed mental health support

Urgent evacuations

Shelter, coats, and blankets

Direct cash assistance

Your investment has been entrusted to four boots-on-the-ground partners:

Led by an Afghan woman who was a refugee herself at age eleven, Refugee Trauma Initiative’s response is focused on mental health. They are providing trauma-informed mental healthcare for frontline aid workers, as well as long-term training for organizations serving Ukrainian people to ensure they can best meet the mental health needs of those children and families.

Our second grant to Afya Foundation is filling an entire cargo plane—funded solely by us—with 240 pallets of critical medical supplies, such as surgical kits, wound care, and biomedical equipment. The shipment is going out as soon as it can be packed and loaded, with delivery expected next week.

Our second grant to Estonian Refugee Council is supporting several areas of their response, including critical aid for hospitals in dire need. They are also providing direct cash assistance to those in the hardest hit areas who have lost their homes, lost loved ones, or been injured. Estonian Refugee Council is continuing to evacuate refugees, an initiative that was at risk of ceasing due to lack of funding.

Our partner ShelterBox will be providing coats, blankets, and shelter kits to those trapped in Ukraine, including elderly and disabled people, as well as to refugees who have escaped.

Thank you for not simply watching—but for showing up to help instead.