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Turkey and Syria response update #2

Photo credit: Karam Foundation

Since we began raising funds last Monday, 5,314 of you have raised a total of $421,246.61 for urgent relief for families in Turkey and Syria.

Every penny we’ve received is being deployed to our trusted partners on the ground:

$100,000 to HAYATA DESTEK (Support to Life) – Led by a Turkish woman, Hayata Destek has nearly two decades of experience in Turkey. Their team is deeply embedded in areas with large numbers of refugees. From shelter to clean water and sanitation to mental health and psychological support and more, Hayata Destek is meeting the most urgent needs of families across several cities, including Diyarbakir, the largest Kurdish majority city in Turkey.

$160,623.31 to KARAM FOUNDATION – Led by a Syrian American woman, Karam Foundation is mobilized on the ground and meeting the most immediate needs of communities in both Syria and Turkey. In Istanbul, they opened their Karam Houses. They welcomed dozens of young people to gather for a hot meal, games, and community. The impact was remarkable:

“Thanks to my last two days at Karam, I’ve been able to sleep again. I’m glad you’re all here,” said one of the young women.

$160,623.30 to INTERNATIONAL BLUE CRESCENT – As a Turkish-led organization, their team is currently delivering aid across six provinces in Turkey and five in Syria. From providing health and winterization services to hot meal and hygiene kit delivery to sanitation, IBC is meeting urgents needs on the ground in both Turkey and Syria.

At Together Rising, we believe in, “by us, for us.” We strive to invest in leaders who are meeting the needs of their communities. We are proud that every penny we’ve received in response to this tragedy is being deployed to Turkish or Syrian-led organizations.

To help provide urgent relief for families in Turkey and Syria, please donate at