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Turkey and Syria response update

Since Monday, 2,990 of you have raised $220,763.48 for urgent relief for victims of the catastrophic earthquake that has killed more than 21,000 people and left tens of thousands severely injured and displaced throughout Turkey and Syria. The immense loss of life and sheer devastation is heartbreaking and unfathomable. Most immediately, tens of thousands of survivors need food, water, shelter, heaters and blankets to stay warm in below-freezing temperatures.

Photo credit: International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation

Every penny we’ve received has been deployed to two of our trusted, boots-on-the-ground partners, Karam Foundation and International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation who are delivering:

-Tents for immediate shelter from frigid weather

-Heaters and blankets for warmth

-Hot, nourishing food and water

-First aid for those injured

-Diapers and baby essentials

-Mental health support, including for refugee families and teens

KARAM FOUNDATION – Led by a Syrian American woman, Karam Foundation beautifully exemplifies what it means to be, “by us, for us.” Their team is mobilized on the ground assessing and meeting the most immediate needs of communities in both Syria and Turkey. By having deployed $120,763.48 to Karam Foundation, you are delivering urgently needed essentials—food, water, blankets, shelter, and more. Karam Foundation is also opening their Karam House for refugee families and teens to provide blankets, food kits to the earthquake survivors, mental health support, and activities for the kids. In their own words, “Healing from this trauma will be a top priority in our Karam Houses.”

INTERNATIONAL BLUE CRESCENT (IBC): As a Turkish-led organization, IBC’s long-standing relationships in both Turkey and Syria enabled their team to activate immediately. Coordinating out of the epicenter in Gaziantep, they are delivering tents, heaters, blankets, thermal clothing, hot food, and more. You have deployed $100,000 to IBC—enough for an estimated 250 tents, 500 heaters, and 3,125 blankets.

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Photos and video courtesy of International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation and Karam Foundation