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Turkey and Syria response

Image description: The graphic has a bright blue background. In large yellow text at the top, it says, We stand with Turkey and Syria.” In small white text below that, it says, “—as thousands of people have been killed in a catastrophic earthquake. Donate to urgent relief at:.” Below that in large yellow text, it says, “”

We stand with Turkey and Syria. Donate to urgent relief at:

As of this writing, at least 3,700 have been killed and thousands more injured by a catastrophic, 7.8 magnitude earthquake—one of the strongest in the last century.

Countless buildings have collapsed—burying entire families. Parents are pulling their babies from rubble. Overwhelmed rescue crews are working around the clock to search for survivors. Hospitals are inundated, with many reaching capacity after receiving so many severely injured victims. In addition to the mainshock, the massive quake has sent dozens of aftershocks reverberating throughout the region, further weakening infrastructure that was already damaged from countless bombings in Syria.

Urgent relief is desperately needed to save lives—every penny we receive will go to urgent relief for this devastating tragedy.

Join us by donating at