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Ukraine Response

Yesterday, just before dawn, Russia invaded Ukraine, launching widespread attacks across the sovereign nation.

In both the capital of Kyiv and in villages across the nation, families piled into cars and trains, desperate to flee, terrified as their lives were upended in a moment.

Soldiers faced the impossible reality of sending their children and partners away to safety, after hugging them for possibly the last time.

Thousands of Ukrainians, turned refugees overnight, left the only home they’ve ever known to try to escape to bordering countries.

At least 137 people have been killed and 316 wounded, including civilians and medical staff.

We stand with the innocent Ukrainians whose lives have been forever shattered because their parents’ and loved ones’ lives were stolen.

We stand with the thousands of brave Russians demonstrating in protest, risking their safety to do so.

We stand with every Ukrainian and all those devastated by this unprovoked, terrifying and reprehensible war, the impacts of which are reverberating throughout the world.

Together Rising has committed an initial $250,000 to Ukraine—$150,000 of which is already on the ground right now—for the most urgent needs, including medical supplies, food, and cash, as well as medical and psychological support.

Our investment has been entrusted to two of our partners, World Jewish Relief and Direct Relief. Both sprung into action immediately, uniquely positioned to do so because of how deeply embedded they are in communities across Ukraine.

Through our partnership with Direct Relief, critical medicine for mental health, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and gout, as well as anti-infective agents, anesthetic, and nutritional/hydration supplies are now on the ground.

Through our partnership with World Jewish Relief, Ukranianians of all religious backgrounds will now get the food, cash, and medical and psychological support they need.

In addition to this initial deployment, our team is working diligently to invest additional vital funds in Ukraine amid the ongoing invasion.

If you would like to join in supporting this continued solidarity, you can give at the link in our bio or at