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We are standing with the people of Afghanistan

Thousands of Afghan women, children, and families are risking their lives in desperate attempts to evacuate—and you are helping bring them to safety through a $250,000 investment that is already on the ground.

We watched in horror with the rest of the world as the Taliban took Afghanistan, knowing the unimaginable terror and persecution their control guarantees, especially for Afghan women. Immediately, we knew that we would not allow for those women—or their children or their families—to be abandoned. That you would not allow it, either. As we shared on Tuesday, our team has been working diligently to vet the most effective ways for us to invest given the volatile and complex nature of this devastating crisis.

Today, Together Rising made a $250,000 initial commitment—funds that are on the ground helping to bring thousands of women, children, and families to safety. We’ve entrusted this investment to the Afghan women-led team of advocates at Women at Afghan Women, who are working 24/7 in Kabul. They told us that Together Rising’s investment “means Women for Afghan Women (WAW) can continue this critical effort on the ground to provide emergency services as well as to continue essential programs . . . because we must. Afghan women, children, and their families are depending on us.” 

The urgency of this crisis is undeniable—but we know that refugees and internally displaced people will need support far beyond the news cycle’s moving on. We will not allow them to be forgotten then, either. That’s why 100% of every penny we receive for Afghanistan will be directed to meet the most urgent needs now—and in the months to come.

Can you help us amplify our response by making a donation to Afghanistan at the link in our bio? Together, we can help ensure these families will not just be remembered—but will continue to be held close by this wonderful community.

We owe our deepest gratitude to our recurring donors as your continuous support is what allows us to deploy funds as soon as crises strike. If you are a recurring donor, please say so in the comments so we can thank you personally for the way you showed up this week both in Haiti and Afghanistan.