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We will continue to fund this critical work until every family is reunited

After four excruciating years of being separated, Herbil and Danny have been reunited! Herbil hugged his son again because of your continued investment in the tireless advocacy of our boots-on-the-ground partner, Al Otro Lado.

At the time of their separation, Danny was fifteen. Herbil would miss Danny’s sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth birthdays, but he never stopped fighting to be with his son again. Herbil turned to our trusted partner, Al Otro Lado, not long after Danny was stolen from him. The team advocated tirelessly on his behalf for four years. Finally, Herbil and Danny were reunited earlier this year.

Photo courtesy of Al Otro Lado

Antonio and Irving were also separated, but in 2017. The Al Otro Lado team advocated fiercely for them by seamlessly navigating a constantly changing landscape. Finally, after half a decade apart, Irving was reunited with his father, mother, and four siblings. Because two of Irving’s siblings were 18 and 20, the international and domestic travel costs required to bring them to the United States were not covered. Al Otro Lado covered these costs, allowing the entire family to reunite earlier this year.

In addition to reunifications, your investment in Al Otro Lado made sure the families’ most urgent needs were met. When Antonio’s family struggled to find affordable housing in the Bay Area, the Al Otro Lado team stepped in to cover the cost of a hotel, the deposit on their new apartment, and two months of rent. Their team provided emergency cash assistance for food and groceries, ensuring the family was fed. Today, Antonio and his family are stably housed. They are healing, together.

You have invested $771,650 in Al Otro Lado this year alone. In total, you have invested $10,934,117.43 total in several partners to reunify families and protect detained children. We will continue to fund this critical work until every family is reunited.

Until every Herbil and every Antonio has their babies back in their arms.

This holiday season, please consider making a tax-deductible gift. Together, we can support more families, children, and communities in crisis. Donate at the link in our bio.