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You are helping feed children


Close to 22 million children nationwide rely on the public school system in order to eat. 

On an average day, 20 million free school lunches are distributed to children – sometimes their only reliable daily meal.   

Right now, roughly 38.8 million public school students are out of school.

This means -- on top of the anxiety, isolation, and economic instability of this crisis – millions and millions of children and their families don’t have adequate food - especially over the weekends between food distributions. 

Although the USDA and state and local authorities are working to implement emergency food-distribution systems, initial capacity is limited, and nationwide help is desperately needed– especially in rural areas, and especially as closures become prolonged. 

Today, through Together Rising, you are investing $250,000 to step into this gap and make sure these kids and their families do not go hungry. 

Through Blessings in Backpacks’ 1100 programs across 45 states and the District of Columbia, you are stepping in to fund backpacks full of meals to tens of thousands of these most vulnerable families nationwide. 

During these times, fear of the unknown and our anxiety at our lack of control can be overwhelming.  Nevertheless, we know that We Can Do Hard Things, and that We Belong to Each Other.

During a time in which we all feel incredibly vulnerable, you have once again refused to let the fact that you can’t fix everything keep you from helping to fix something you can. 

On behalf of the most vulnerable among us, thank you for stepping up through Together Rising to make sure these families do not go hungry.


Love, Solidarity, & Hope,

G & Together Rising